Your dentist for dental anxiety in Düsseldorf

Tell us about your fears

Hardly anyone really enjoys a visit to the dentist. Some nervousness and tension are quite normal. However, many patients are also plagued by a tangible fear of the dentist, up to and including dental phobia, which triggers massive discomfort such as heart palpitations, sweating or panic attacks just at the thought of going to the dentist’s office. Do you also suffer from dental fear? Talk to us – we always have an open ear for your needs and worries and are specialised as a dentist for anxiety patients.

Relaxation and treatment without pain for dental anxiety

Are you afraid of pain caused by the treatment, the insertion of a needle or the sound of the drill? At Nova-Smile in Düsseldorf, we tailor all examinations or treatments to the individual needs of our patients, allowing everyone to receive treatment without pain, stress or fear. This way, dental anxiety cannot jeopardise your dental health. This can happen quickly if necessary preventive examinations, periodontal treatment or the treatment of diseased teeth are not carried out due to dental fear. The shame of having bad teeth often increases the suffering of those affected – a vicious circle.

Goal for dental fear in Düsseldorf-Mörsenbroich

Nova-Smile always helps you with dental fear, even beyond the actual examination or treatment and aftercare. Not only the current dental appointment should be a painless and stress-free experience for you. Nova-Smile’s goal is always to help all patients with dental anxiety to permanently overcome their fear of the dentist. In this way, after often years of suffering, a visit to the dentist can finally become a completely normal appointment without any fear.

Our treatment concept for dental fear

If you suffer from dental fear or dental phobia, at Nova-Smile in Düsseldorf you will find a treatment concept that is especially adapted to fear patients and has been proven many times over:

  • an initial detailed discussion about your dental fear as a basis for the joint design of the further treatment
  • Explanation of all treatment steps or creation of special treatment procedures with breaks for your relaxation
  • gentle relaxation methods with music
  • Treatment without pain and perception during sleep with the support of an experienced anaesthetist

Leave dental anxiety behind, take the first step now and talk to Nova-Smile, your dentist for anxiety patients in Düsseldorf.

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